Plot No 65, Zone -1, MP Nagar, Bhopal (462011)

Get To Know Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to generate employment by expanding our business to other domains. We are working towards it by satisfying our customers with what we deliver thereby gaining confidence and getting continuous business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services that meets all the industry standards. We focus on continuous improvement of our services and up-skill the workforce so that they can serve the client with better proficiency.

Hopefully you’ll be working closely with us, so you might want to know about us. 

We are a digital marketing company based in Bhopal who specialize in various Digital Marketing Services like Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Search Engine Marketing [SEM], Video & Display Advertising, Pay Per Click [PPC], Social Media Marketing [SMM], Website & Application Development. – in a nutshell, we help businesses to grow using internet and mobile digital technology but that’s just a high level view of what we provide.

We are Google Certified, and among the the top performers in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, & we hold a variety of certifications, and it’s true that we seek to leverage all things Google to help our clients in every possible way.

So Who Are We?

The founder of DQ started his work life at other company in some other field & was attracted to internet marketing and web development by the immense gravitational force of digital marketing. His interest in digital marketing took him to the path of freelancing & later on he started providing training for Digital Marketing. Before establishing DQ he has worked under the roof of other Digital Marketing firms for years on digital marketing to have good hands on experience in the field so that he can able to serve best.

Our clients have ranged from entrepreneurs (one-person empires, mom & pop shops) to large publicly traded corporations.

We are a group of down to earth, unique, smart, real & well-rounded, business growth oriented people who care about doing great work that makes a difference, work that gets appreciated & rewarded, work that challenges us to learn new things, grow & improve, work that matters. (Take a look at our internal team.) We continually learn from each other, we learn together & we grow together to offer the market something it desperately needs. DQ is a team that provides consistent, reliable, best results in digital marketing while making you feel that you are a valued client for us.

If you want to be cared about, and served by people who care about you, your business, your team & your clients, then reach out to us & let’s connect.