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About the Brand

Digital Fire and Security Services (DFS Services), a young Indian security startup, offers complete peace of mind through comprehensive, monitored security systems. They prioritise affordability and education, empowering families with real security solutions that deter crime, not just fancy gadgets, making them a trusted partner in building a safer India. DFS goes beyond basic home security, offering complete peace of mind for both homes and businesses. They provide comprehensive 24/7 monitored alarm systems for residences, ensuring maximum protection. 


Case Study Subject

Google SEO Ranking


Awareness, Website Traffic, SEO Ranking


Security Systems


DFS, a young Indian security startup, faced a two-pronged challenge. First, the concept of monitored home security systems was unfamiliar to the Indian market. Second, established players like Godrej and CP Plus dominated the security space. 

DFS needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to build brand awareness, generate organic website traffic, find premium customers and achieve top SEO rankings.


The major challenge was the unfamiliarity of the Indian audience with the concept of ‘monitored home security system’. For which, we started with creating top-of-the-funnel blogs, utilising high-volume generic keywords and engaging people on social media platforms. Our strategy includes mindful usage of platforms like Quora to provide users with information (Quora, Blogging). Along with this we used blogs as a major platform where we talked about broad industry related keywords to slowly introduce people with ‘monitored alarm systems’. And strategically implementing On and Off- page SEO tactics.

All this with an action plan of increasing our organic visibility on pan India level, we achieved remarkable outcomes and witnessed extraordinary organic growth across various key metrics.  We featured the brand in top newspapers like Hindustan Times, Entrepreneur Stories and more to build awareness and make a larger audience familiar with the concept.

Strategic usage of broad industry related keywords such as Security system, Home security system and anti theft security system along with city chapters helped us boost website traffic. The website saw significant growth in organic traffic through our strategy. Competing against giants like Godrej and CP plus dominating the security domain in India. However, the correct usage of keywords helped us rank 1st on major keywords specific to the home security domain. This gave the clients an edge over these giants. Read ahead to know our approach and results achieved. 

Our Approach
  1. Awareness Campaign: We tackled the audience’s unfamiliarity through:
  • Top-of-the-Funnel Content: We created engaging blog posts and press releases  that addressed common security concerns and highlighted the benefits of monitored systems. This targeted a broad audience at the initial awareness stage.

Our three fold approach:

  • Blogs: using blogs with broad industry specific and generic keywords to drive traffic on websites and slightly introducing monitored alarm systems. On a broad scale to premium customers.
  • Press Release: We featured the brand in top newspapers like Hindustan Times to build awareness and make a larger audience familiar with the concept. 
  • Quora: Our strategy includes mindful usage of social media platforms Quora to provide users with information. 
  1. Organic Traffic Growth:
  • High Volume Generic Keywords: Strategic use of keywords, including generic keywords like “home security system” and “anti-theft security system” helped us reach a wider audience searching for general security solutions. Creating city-specific terms, improved search engine visibility and drove organic traffic growth.
  • Location-Specific SEO: Dedicated landing pages for key Indian metro cities maximised targeted visibility in high-potential markets.
  1. SEO Domination:
  • On-Page Optimization: Implementing targeted on-page SEO tactics (like title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking) improved website ranking. By optimising content for featured snippets, we increased website visibility in search results.
  • Off-Page Optimisation:  We boosted DFS’s credibility through high-quality backlinks from websites with strong Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Establishing them as a leading voice in the Indian security market. This strategic link building approach contributed to their dominant search engine ranking.
  • 287.2% Increase in website traffic: Our location-specific landing pages led to a remarkable 287.2% increase in website traffic, demonstrating audience interest. Website analytics revealed a significant and sustained rise in organic traffic, indicating the effectiveness of our SEO strategy.
  • Organic Growth & Revenue Boost: The combined SEO and PR strategy achieved both organic growth objectives and substantial revenue increase, exceeding the annual target to more than 1 crore per annum.

Outranked competitors: By leveraging strategic keyword selection and optimization, DFS outranked competitors like Godrej and CP Plus to achieve top rankings for key search terms like “monitored security” and “monitored home security systems.”

With our approach to optimize featured snippets and ranking for city based traffic through dedicated location pages, we saw a remarkable boost in performance. The adoption of city based traffic helped us reach a wider audience and rank faster. Each KPI experienced a substantial surge, with a 287.2% increase in website traffic in just 6-8 months.

By leveraging a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Digital Quester successfully tackled DFS’s initial challenges. We achieved significant brand awareness, organic traffic growth, and top SEO rankings, ultimately driving revenue generation for the client.