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About the Brand

Sanman Group by Neelay Builders is a renowned construction company in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, with over 35 years of experience developing high-end residential and commercial properties. Sanman Group prioritises quality and innovation to bring your vision to life.

Sanman Homz by Sanman Group was taken by our team for the lead generation & sales campaign. Nestled in Raipur, Sanman Homz has a collection of 17 exclusive 4 BHK premium  bungalows, worth Rs. 1.2 crores each.

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Case Study Subject

Lead Generation


Generating High-Quality Leads for Sanman Homz's Exclusive Bungalows


Real Estate


Sanman Homz’s key obstacle was Targeting Premium Audience. Reaching a target audience of high income individuals who are willing to spend in Raipur region. The high prices of property was a major challenge considering the population near Raipur was not ready to purchase property at those prices. And therefore they require a targeted strategy that will help them reach the right people who are willing to spend in luxury real estate. 

Our Approach

We used a multifold approach to reach a premium audience. The first step of the campaign was to spread awareness about limited edition bungalows. Spreading it to High Networth Individuals (HNIs), international visitors, business owners and people who prefer investing in high value products within Raipur and nearby places to increase word of mouth. This helped us reach 2 million people in and around Raipur within the duration of our campaign. 

Post awareness, our motive was to generate high quality leads that could be converted into potential buyers. For this, we used various query forms to get leads with a continuous upgrade in them, moving towards adding specific questions in the query form to filter out non essential leads. This approach helped us get the right audience as it filtered the uninterested or non convertible leads at the initial stage and helped us gain quality leads. 

The process of targeting was enhanced by giving the brand a premium look through our designs. It was done to showcase the premiumness of the brand helping us reach the targeted audience. Visuals play a great role when we are using social media platforms to reach our intended audience. Another major factor that was consistent in design was strategic placement of price on major creatives, this gave customers important information at first to make decisions within seconds.


Through our strategic usage of designs, content placement, usage of various social media platforms and lead generation process, we were able to deliver high quality leads to our client, Sanman Homz. The ad campaign achieved an impressive sales conversion rate, with 88% i.e. 15 exclusive out of 17 bungalows through social media channels. 

The campaign reached a massive 2 million people in Raipur, nearby regions and others. Featuring targeted audiences with multiple time impressions.  Generating us 300-400 high quality leads each month with an impressive surge in site visits.

The campaign was completed within 12 months from the date of commencement and managed to achieve success even after the increase in property rates by 30%. Increasing the property’s value from 85 lakhs to 1.2 crore in a year. 

DQ’s lead generation campaign for Sanman Homz’s premium bungalows yielded impressive results. They reached 2 million people, generated high-quality leads, With 88% (15) of the bungalows sold through social media – all within a year marked by a property value increase of 30%. DQ’s strategic approach helped it achieve the desired target within a year.