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Google Ads Strategy: Delivered Higher Conversion, Maximised Returns

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About the Brand

Our client deals in all types of insurance with an expertise in commercial insurance. They are a team of 80 expert insurance brokers best known for commercial truck insurance which is proven in with their 3 different branches within a province. They also provide risk management and loss prevention services to businesses and individuals. They are esteemed members of Canadian Broker Network, awarded various awards for excellence in insurance brokerage services with a number of recognition for their work in Canada.

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Case Study Subject

Google Ads, PPC


Commercial Line Insurance Leads, Sales Growth


Insurance Brokerage Firm


The challenges faced by our client was first, focus on commercial line insurance and getting high quality commercial line insurance leads. Commercial insurance is a highly competitive market due to high prices and difficulty in finding right leads. The focus of the campaign was to boost their sales through right website traffic & quotation requests. high quality leads.


The strategy to gain high quality leads included various steps:

  1. Targeted keyword research: we invested our time on a high search keyword research process to reach a wider audience also targeting low competition keywords related to commercial line insurance. 

  2. Right bidding strategy & targeting: we used automated bidding strategies including maximise clicks and maximise conversion. 
  • Maximise clicks strategy was used to boost website traffic driving the audience towards quotation requests. 
  • Google Call Ads focused on call ad campaigns to ease customer experience and get direct leads.

    Creating high quality ad copy: we created high quality ad copy for our clients through the thoughtful use of Call to Action (CTA), high quality ads driving the audience to take action. 

We also optimised their web page to increase conversion rate. This involved increasing web page speed, incorporating better UI/UX, working on mobile friendliness, creating multiple CTAs alongwith high quality content for their website. 

Ad monitoring: our team worked on a regular basis to maintain the efficacy of our ads, removing negative keywords to show our ad on the right searches. This ensured we reached the most relevant audience, minimised cost per lead, and maintained optimal PPC efficiency.


Through our continuous efforts, we generated 300-400 leads per month within the commercial insurance industry. With an average of 100+ phone calls monthly, delivering a conversion rate of 12% exceeding the industry standard to standard 4-5% in the insurance brokerage industry. The cost per lead is minimised to single digit figure maximising lead flow within the given budget. It’s safe to say our clients are very happy with our services with their page ranked the highest within their province on targeted keywords generating high quality leads each month.

This Google Ads campaign study is the proof of our strategic planning and meticulous execution. By crafting ad copy, implementing targeted keyword research, and closely monitoring ad performance, we were able to generate exceptional results for our client.